Death Taco WIN

awesome at work food menu spicy taco - 4413277952

Shut Up and Eat It WIN

awesome at work Deal With It menu - 4259752192
Created by Unknown

This Menu Item is Perfect for the Kiddos

menu restaurant food funny - 7724911104
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The Salad Will Really Raise the Roof

menu puns food - 8233295104
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Delicious Bacon: The Candy of Meats

awesome at work delicious bacon menu - 4515592192
Created by ckent82

Cream of WIN

awesome at work menu restaurant signs - 4268451072
Created by Leesie

Menu WIN

menu pizza restaurant - 6855204608
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Bacon Philosophy WIN

bacon philosophy menu free food free stuff - 6696917248
Created by thefrogg

Menu WIN

menu restaurant food vegetarian - 6953134336
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You Win This Time, Carnivorous Restaurant

menu design vegetarian g rated win - 8415674880
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Dessert WIN

awesome at work clever dessert food menu - 4648504064
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Plain Old Weiner WIN

awesome at work food fox news menu - 4465244928
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Combination WIN

champagne classy combination menu restaurant - 4495902208
Created by occultjam

Give the Kitchen the Support They Deserve

menu kitchen g rated win - 8313197824
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Egg Facts WIN

breakfast eggs menu true facts wisdom - 6230816768
Created by Unknown

Burger Option WIN

bros burger food menu tasty - 6527810816
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