Planking WIN

meme Planking poster safety - 4797150208
Created by everydayimmuffinin

Escalator Planking WINS

escalator meme Planking - 4925917440
Created by Unknown

Watch Out, We Have a DeGrasse Tyson WIN

meme Neil deGrasse Tyson rage face science - 5917481728
Created by Unknown

Rage Face Jeopardy WIN

Jeopardy meme memes IRL rage face television - 5396177920
Created by Unknown

Door Mat WIN

design doormat Hall of Fame meme welcome mat win - 5945910272
Created by friendly neighborhood winner


hacked internet meme - 4177934592
Created by Unknown

Fortune Cookie Friday: Rick Roll WIN

engrish funny food meme - 5180191232
Created by Camel
basketball meme list ncaa sports twitter - 773125

Villanova Beats UNC With a Dramatic 3-Point Buzzer-Beater, But the Real Champion is the Internet's Crying Jordan Meme

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SAP Ornament WIN

design meme christmas - 6752322816
Via Neatorama

Yearbook Quote WIN

meme money quotes school yearbook - 4851245056
Created by Thisdernusername

Homework WIN

assignment doodle homework meme memes IRL school - 5183278592
Created by rafabarreto7

It's Rough Out There WIN

addition clever meme sign - 6325176576
Via Reddit

Billboard Win

advertisement billboard meme - 4668566528
Created by Unknown

Meme Fruit WIN

fap fruit internet irl meme sharpie - 5627299584
Via behindthebushes0

Lobster Tank WIN

clever lobster meme signs Zoidberg - 6394793984
Created by Unknown
photoshop meme - 586757

Meme of the Day: Prince Charles Being Attacked by Things

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