Finishing a Marathon WIN

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Man Walks Again After Having Been Paralyzed

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Bionic AAAAARM medicine robot hand Video - 47120129

Robo-Hand WIN

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Gif of the Day: A Paraplegic Makes the First Kick a the World Cup

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Les Baugh Is the First Person to Receive and Use Two Brain Controlled Prosthetic Limbs

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This Drone Equipped With a Defibrillator Could Save Lives in the Future

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Bionic AAAAARM medicine arm science Video Hall of Fame best of week - 44177665

Prosthetic Arm WIN

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Worms and Your Heart

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Bionic AAAAARM medicine inspirational science Video - 45861121

Robo-Arm WIN

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Commenters Correctly Diagnosed a Woman With a Rare Genetic Disorder

image medicine social media Commenters Correctly Diagnosed a Woman With a Rare Genetic Disorder
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Music medicine science BAMF Video - 50758145

Making Music During Brain Surgery

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Meet the First Man With Two Controllable, Prosthetic Robotic Arms

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3D Printed Prosthetics

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Dropping the Science: Footballer Is Resuscitated by a 700 Volt Implant.

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Keep the Research Going and We'll Have More and More Nice Messages Like This

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