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Hong Kong just went next level with the fast food dining experience.

We associate Mickey D's with grease-soaked, hastily-fried, platters of 'do I really want the salad this time, or anytime though?'

Who would've thought McDonald's would've introduced classy presentations--we're talking burgers on cutting boards--fresh ingredients, for the freshest salads; and even insta-fame-worthy lattes with artful twists that'd color any hipster grateful.

win mcdonalds shamrock shake straw
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It's your sucky day! (Ed: Sorry).

the folks at McDonald's hear you. Wnat all-day breakfast? Boom. Here's a McMuffin at 7:23pm. Want a smaller Big Mac? Boom. Buh-bye middle bread. You want a McRib? Sorry, you've got to wait for pork prices to plummet again

But one thing's for sure, they know that you're having a hard time with that Shamrock shake. And because McDonald's love you, they've hirded the team behind Google's modular smartphone Project Ara to produce S.T.R.A.W (Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal). 

What's the difference between S.T.R.A.W. and straw? McDonald's new over-engineered bad bou comes with a hooked end and fore holes, which were designed specifically to allow people to finally taste their thicker than thick Chocolate Shamrock Shake. 

However, this project is a bit of a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket: S.T.R.A.W. is only availbable in 80 cities and limited to 2,000. 

It really is your sucky day. 

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Adam Ruins Everything has spilled the beans on one of the most infamous lawsuits of the last 30 years.

You’ve probably heard the story of the greedy old woman and her dastardly plan to burn herself and make out with millions. Heck, they made a Seinfeld episode out of it.

But that’s not the real story.

Adam Ruins Everything spent last night ruining justice in their latest episode, and in the midst of taking the criminal justice system to task, he gave a run down of the real story of that greedy old woman who burned herself for money.

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What actually happened was a 79-year-old woman, sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car, accidentally spilled McDonald’s coffee on herself. While she admitted the accident was her fault, McDonald’s coffee was being served at 190 degrees — nearly boiling — and left her with third degree burns. McDonald’s said that their coffee was a hazard at that temperature, agreeing with the 700 people who had already complained during the previous decade.

Check out the full clip above and think twice cracking joke about a lawsuit like this. 

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