Wedding Bands WIN

marriage star wars design wedding - 6994529536
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When You're Married You Always Need an Alibi

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anniversary marriage cute Video - 71465473

An Adorable Couple Celebrated Their 70th Anniversary With Congratulations From Celebs, Presidents, and More!

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Photo of the Day: Heart-Shaped Cloud Appears Above Wedding

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First Comes Chocolate Tourism, Later Comes Marriage

win image couple discover that they took identical vacation photos at wedding
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marriage feels legos love story - 79486209

For His Wedding, This Dude Used LEGOs to Tell the Story of How He Met the Love of His Life

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Getting Married... for JUSTICE

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Guy Wakes Up His Wife In Most Legendary Way Possible For Her Birthday

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This Jewish Mother Has Absolutely Zero Chill About Wanting Her Daughter To Get Married

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After 21 Years of Marriage, This Couple Took the Best Anniversary Photo Ever

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Still in Love

marriage cute funny - 7900967936
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marriage weddings Video - 60023297

This Couple Had Their Priest Sing at Their Wedding, But They Weren't Expecting Him to Belt Out Such an Awesome Cover of 'Hallelujah'

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This Divorce Lawyer's Business Card is Perfect and Perforated

hilarious divorce lawyer business card
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Khloé Kardashian's Patience Snaps After Tweeting a Supportive Message About Boyfriend James Harden's Basketball Game

Khloé Kardashian has a twitter feud with haters after she tweets support to James Harden's NBA team
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christmas marriage proposal dating - 1275653

Guy Proposes to Girlfriend Who Loves Puzzles in the Best Way Possible by Building Her Fairytale Storybook with Secret Puzzles Inside

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marriage gay rights satire equality tutorial Video - 72342273

This Satirical Marriage Equality Makeup Tutorial Is On Point

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