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Epic Meal Time Makes the World's Most Potent Weed Brownie, and You Could Stay Stoned Till the End of Your Days

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Catering To Your Demographic WIN

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McDonald's billboard makes funny accidental weed joke.

McDonald's Billboard Makes Accidental Weed Joke

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Hacked IRL: Green Means Slow

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No One Had a Better Christmas Than This Dude Who Got a Massive Bag of Weed and Lost His Mind in the Process

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Type of Snacks WIN

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Feeling a Contact High Coming on Watching These Parents and Kids Smoke Weed With Each Other for the First Time

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These U.S. Vets Living with PTSD Get High And Discuss How Marijuana Has Helped in Their Lives

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Side Effects WIN

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Don't Forget to Tax It!

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So, Your Entire Customer Base?

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Timothy Olyphant Tells Story of Wild Time He Smoked Willie Nelson's Weed, and It Lives Up to the Hype

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Littering Note WIN

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A Few Dank Stoner Memes For Anyone Who Wants To Legalize It

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This Police Department Just Won 4/20 With a Single Hilarious Tweet

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They Really Hit That Issue Hard and Passed it Around

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