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Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day: First Person with Down Syndrome to Finish NYC Marathon

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When This Marathon is in Ashes...

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Zombie 5K WIN

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Finishing a Marathon WIN

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The Most Fun You Can Have While Running Five Kilometers

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A Marine Helps This Marathon Runner After a Prosthetic Malfunction

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Motivational Banner WIN

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One Amazingly Brave Woman Ran a Marathon Without Making It a "Thing"

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Marathon Encouragement WIN

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Runners Look After Their Own

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Marathon BAMF WIN

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As if Completing a Marathon Wasn't Hard Enough, Try Doing It Backwards. While Juggling.

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Marathon Motivation

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Marathon Runners Improvise a Special Tribute for Their Roadside Fan

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Marathon Runner WIN

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Watch This Badass 70-Year-Old Woman Finish a 100 Mile Marathon Just Before the Cutoff

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