animals manly men - 4156717056
Created by Johnny

Half of a Shave Job

facial hair shaving manly - 7954099456
Via Reddit

Living the Life WIN

beer slip n slide Party manly after 12 - 6855200000
Created by Unknown

Old Spice WIN

clever logo manly old spice - 6016180992
Created by LadyKakyuu
canadian manly BAMF Video win - 59276801

This Guy is Vying to be the Manliest Canadian, and He's Probably Going to Take the Title

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Class in The Trunk

trunk swag car classy driving manly - 6894552064
Created by Unknown

Grocery Aisle WIN

bacon grocery store manly - 4351259136
Created by AliasM

The Best Facial Hair You'll See This Week

beard facial hair manly funny g rated win - 7886202880
Created by Unknown
beard manly funny Video g rated win - 55022337

Stop Shaving Now and Grow Yourself a Ramen Bowl Beard

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The Majestic Beardo in the Wild

beards manly - 8124308992
Via Brown Cardigan

Manly WIN

BAMF cool story bro manly news story - 5986162688
Created by Unknown
beer chainsaw manly pro tip Video - 37996801

Opening a Beer WIN

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Chopping Wood WIN

axe BAMF chores manly wood - 6325457920
Via Blackadder
BAMF chuck norris compilation manly Video - 38852097

The Film We've Been Waiting For WIN

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alcohol completely relevant news drunk manly - 4288058880
Created by ego

Camping on the Lake WIN

BAMF camping design hammock lake manly tent - 6311724544
Created by Unknown
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