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Passing By WIN

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The Luckiest Set of Pool Shots, All in a Row

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14 People Share Moments In Their Lives When Luck Rained Down Sweet Victory On Their Existence

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Lucky Bob WIN

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These 4 French Hikers Survived Crossing a Bridge While One of its Cables Snapped

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Watching This Incredible Footage of a Shark Breaching Through a Shark Cage Will Definitely End Up in Your Nightmares

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Miracle Shot WIN

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This Lucky Woman Eats a Raw Oyster for the First Time and Finds a Prize

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This Australian Lottery Winner Was the Luckiest Man in the World Twice Over

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The Luckiest Bird on the Track

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On-Air Lottery Winner WIN

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This Biker is Lucky to be Alive

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One Lucky Woman Was the Only Passenger on Her Flight

travel planes luck One Lucky Woman Was the Only Passenger on Her Flight
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Luckiest Man WIN

Chart close call g rated Hall of Fame lottery lucky win - 6004567552
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An iPhone Saved a Man's Life in the UK

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