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These 4 French Hikers Survived Crossing a Bridge While One of its Cables Snapped

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Lucky Escape WIN

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These Drivers are All Lucky They Made it Out of These Close Calls

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On-Air Lottery Winner WIN

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Someone Got Off Easy...

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Luck of the Day: Rugby Player Sniffs Gas Leak After Kick in Head Restores Sense of Smell

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Spill WIN

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Miracle Shot WIN

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Lucky Day WIN

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The Luckiest Set of Pool Shots, All in a Row

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sports golf Video lucky - 83778049

First Golf Lesson Ever? Boom, Hole-in-One

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accident close call Video truck lucky - 47094273

This Biker is Lucky to be Alive

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One Lucky Woman Was the Only Passenger on Her Flight

travel planes luck One Lucky Woman Was the Only Passenger on Her Flight
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bird funny Video lucky - 50749441

The Luckiest Bird on the Track

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Lucky Bob WIN

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