Lord of the Rings

It's time for a Fellowship LOTR fans. If you're down with Bombadill and Ents, then you'll be doubled over laughing at these hilarious jokes all about your favorite Tolkien land. Can you truly call yourself a Lord of the Rings fan if you don't appreciate these jokes? Take the plunge and find out.

The Detail in This LEGO Rivendell Will Boggle LOTR Fans

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Lord of the Rings gollum nerdgasm interview g rated win - 47126529

Interviewing Gollum WIN

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Road Block WIN

Lord of the Rings gandalf nerdgasm you shall not pass - 7056127744
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Who Wants to Make the One S'More to Rule Them All?

Lord of the Rings fireplace design g rated win - 8321339392
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Occasionally a Balrog-Slaying Sword

sign Lord of the Rings gandalf hacked irl - 8299045888
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You Don't Want to Cross These Two

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Lord of the Dominoes WIN

Dominoes Lord of the Rings nerdgasm - 7056644096
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bad idea Lord of the Rings gandalf prank train Video - 57117185

This Train Shall Not Pass

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Praise Sauron WIN

Lord of the Rings nerdgasm television - 4344487424
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Gandalf Protects the Couch

Lord of the Rings couch gandalf nerdgasm funny - 7769563136
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Smaug Cake WIN

cake Lord of the Rings nerdgasm - 7014752512
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Gandalf Boarding WIN

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I Think the Races of Men Are Going to Need a Lot of These

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Hacked IRL: One Does Not Simply Walk Into...

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LEGO Helm's Deep WIN

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