Cat Fashion Trend: The Donald Trump

How to create the Cat trend taking over Instagram:

Step 1: Brush your cat

Step 2: Form the hair you brushed into a toupee

Step 3: Place toupee on the cat

Step 4: Take a picture and call it a day! 

Bonus Step: 
Check out some run-of-the-mill Donald Trump Memes to get in the right mood before styling cat's hairdo 

Cats that look like donald trump because of the hair. It is the hair, isn't it?
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Oh My of the Day: George Takei Has Perfect Response For Facebook Troll
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George Takei really sucks—and he's proud of it!

The Star Trek legend and Internet darling had the prefect response this week for a Facebook troll trying to bring him down.

He shared a screenshot of the exchange with the caption: "Sorry, couldn't help myself.‪ #‎Trollololollol‬"


Takei is known for his epic Internet takedowns, so mark this one down as another win for Sulu.

dollar general lol pwned sears sign - 3919736576
By TheSmokingMan
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Silly n00bs can't manage their finances properly in a recession. Lulz!