Literal Bumper Sticker WIN

baby bumper sticker g rated Hall of Fame literalism morbid pun win - 6284569856
Created by Unknown

Literal Cake WIN

birthday cake custom literal literalism simple - 5226125568
Created by Unknown

Not a Bulletin Board WIN

board fly literal literalism - 6214327040
Created by Unknown

Anything but Gran-Gran!

grandma literalism fruit - 8265393408
Via thejesskat

Literal WIN

handicapped literalism parking restaurant wheel chair - 5156190464
Created by Unknown

Nice Grass, Good Grass!

sign rebel literalism - 8120787200
Via Joanne Casey

What We Have is So Special, Curb

sign rebel literalism - 8301045760
Via Sofa Pizza

Following the Rules WIN

dogs g rated Hall of Fame literalism recycling trash win - 6040208384
Via Joanne Casey

It's Right Next to "Twisted Sugary Vine Candy"

sign banana literalism funny - 7749509632
Via Reddit

12 Tons of ROCK

cars rock sign literalism - 8251522560
Created by madalyn1234567

You Cheeky, Literal Jerk

sign literalism watch funny - 7752483328
Created by Unknown

Literalism WIN

whoops stealing cans literalism free stuff - 6865061120
Created by amakay

Taking it Literally WIN

whoops zoo literalism - 7148922624
Created by Unknown

CLASSIC: Beware of Literalism

classic crane joke literal literalism origami prank sign - 5202841856
Created by Unknown

The Packaging Doesn't Lie

office supplies literalism invisible tape - 8009632512
Created by Unknown