A 10-Year-Old Girl Sent $20 to India's Reserve Bank, and They Had the Best Response

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Teacher Pranks Student With a Less Than Adequate Letter of Recommendation

teacher school prank Teacher Pranks Student With a Less Than Adequate Letter of Recommendation
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This Little Boy's Letter to the Troops is Heartfelt and Doesn't F*ck Around

win little boy's letter to troops doesn't f-ck around
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These Kids Don't Mess Around When it Comes to Writing Letters to Santa

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Say What You Will About Tax Policy, This is a Powerful Way to Tell Off a Business

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Typewriter Art WIN

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Drunk Sailor WIN

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Trekkie Note WIN

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Read How a Third-Grader Thinks Nexflix and Chill Will Dissuade People From Voting For Donald Trump

funny political image third grader uses netflix and chill to dissuade electing Donald Trump
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London Constable Responded to a Little Girl's Letter About Police Cats in the Cutest Way Possible

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After Asking for an Allowance Advance, a 6 Year-Old Learned a Professional Lesson From Dad™

funny parenting image dad responds to 6 year old's request for advance in allowance
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Essentially Every Substitute Teacher's Story Ever

Essentially Every Substitute Teacher's Story Ever
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