Prism Glasses WIN

design glasses lazy prism - 6563518720
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A King's Throne

lazy TV bathroom - 8147966208
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Not a Whole Lot Gets Done in This Neighborhood

sign lazy names - 8169608192
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exercise lazy note - 4147490304
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Playing Outside WIN

kids lazy nerdgasm video games - 4637164288
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Specificity WIN

awesome at work lazy signs work - 4320139264
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The Totally-Unverifiable but Awesome Tale of Next-Level Laziness

navy lazy Story Time quotes military g rated win - 8007934720
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monkey washing clothes by hand in india

This Viral Video Of A Monkey Washing Clothes Puts Us All To Shame

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Couch WIN

furniture lazy couch comfy g rated win - 6965636096
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There's a Twisted Creativity in Just How Lazy This Move is

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The Laziest Graduation Present Ever

lazy present graduation - 8019096832
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lazy Video there I fixed it - 60202241

Taking Garbage Disposal to a New, Lazy Level

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This Man is Our New National Treasure, and Our Greatest Mentor

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Lazy Decorations WIN

christmas christmas lights decorations Hall of Fame holidays lazy lights - 5465344256
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bed lazy design Video - 67906561

We've Reached Peak Laziness With This Desk Design

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Lazy Engineering = Best Engineering

lazy repairs g rated win - 8081264896
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