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English Can Be a Weird Language, But This American Shows You How Odd Japanese Can Be Too

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Tricky Test WIN

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animals language Turkey parenting Video - 79287041

This Toddler Speaks the Secret Language of Turkeys

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disney disney princesses language Video - 78149889

Listen to Disney Princesses in Their Original Language

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Sweden language nifty Video - 67994881

A Bizarre Sound You'll Only Hear in the Swedish Language

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Cool Words WIN

education Fun Fact language The More You Know words - 6308194048
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Real Americans Write Passive Aggressive Notes

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Sweet Party Trick WIN

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T-Shirt WIN

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BAMF language genius Video - 64621825

Here's an Average Guy Explaining His Language Love. In Nine Languages.

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language BAMF Video - 67417857

This Polyglot Switches Between Three Languages in Ten Minutes, and the Kids Are Blown Away

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An informative Tumblr thread on actual meanings of figures of speech | dalekitsune phrase "curiosity killed cat" is actually not full phrase actually is "curiosity killed cat but satisfaction brought back" so don't let anyone tell not be curious little baby okay go and be interested world uwu

Enlightening Tumblr Thread On Meanings Of Figures Of Speech

Yay, language stuff.
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stephen colbert english language french Video - 76576769

Colbert Gets Marion Cotillard to Turn Boring English Phrases into Elegant French Phrases

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Wrong But Right WIN

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