Perfectly Timed Photographic Evidence of Thor's Arrival

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Mother Nature FTW: Striking Down on Potty-Mouths

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A German Airliner Captured the Perfect Meteorological Event With This Lightning Rainbow

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A Different View of Lightning

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Nature is Really Beautiful, Except When it's Terrifying

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The Only Guitar Truly Capable of Playing "Thunderstruck"

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Mother Nature FTW: Sky Wave

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The Lightning Rod Does its Job

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These Basically Cancel Each Other Out, Right?

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Mother Nature FTW: Thank Goodness for Lightning Rods

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Nature of the Day: Watch the Calbuco Volcano Erupt in Chile

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And If You'll Look Out the Right Side of the Plane, You'll See Some Heavenly Wrath...

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Mother Nature FTW: So, This is Asgaard, Right?

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Mother Nature FTW: Good ol' Lightning

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Weather of the Day: Watch Lightning Strike a Church in Maine

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