Woman From "Addicted to Knitting" Facebook Group Has Hilarious Present for Trump

woman trolls trump with little knit gloves
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Prime Knitting WIN

Hall of Fame knitting nerdgasm optimus prime transformers - 6324957696
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QR Knitting WIN

crafts DIY knitting nerdgasm - 5042325248
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Knitting Pun WIN

craft cross stitch Knitta Please knitting pun - 5278796032
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If You Have the Knitting Skills, You too Can Experience That Mermaid Life

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Crochet Hat WIN

cap Knitta Please knitting nerdgasm r2-d2 star wars - 6596674304
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illusion Knitta Please knitting mona lisa painting Video - 32303873

Illusion Knit WIN

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Pointed Poopy Wisdom

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Brain Cap WIN

brain cap creepy knitting - 5382195968
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Crochet Dissection WIN

Knitta Please crochet design knitting sewing Hall of Fame best of week - 6687026432
Created by dolf1nluvr

Bender Cap WIN

bender best of week cap futurama Hall of Fame knitting nerdgasm - 6538246400
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Knitted Skeleton WIN

art Knitta Please knitting skeleton - 4780620032
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Rocking Out WIN

Knitta Please gifs design knitting rocking chair - 6752333568
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Slippers WIN

craft knitting slippers tank - 6555314432
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Yarn Bombing WIN

animals Knitta Please knitting sweater yarn Yarn Bomb - 5986887168
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When Gotham is in Stitches, Then You Have My Permission to Die

knitting bane nerdgasm superheroes batman g rated win - 7119291136
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