Knitta Please

The Lovecraftian Wish

lovecraft Knitta Please needlepoint nerdgasm cthulhu - 7498240768
By Yuddith

Cross Stitch WIN

cross stitch Knitta Please knitting nerdgasm nintendo princess peach Super Mario bros - 6382661120
Via Neatorama

The Most Portland Thing to Ever Portland: Local Statues Get Yarn-Bomb Sweaters as Winter Approaches

Knitta Please statue sweater yarn hacked irl g rated win - 8380268288
Via Laughing Squid

Harry Potter Quilt WIN

craft design Harry Potter Knitta Please nerdgasm quilt reading is sexy - 6537900544
Via Geek Crafts

This Entire Locomotive Got Yarn-Bombed!

Knitta Please design hacked irl train funny Yarn Bomb - 7712750080
Via Laughing Squid

It's a Cap(uccino)!

Knitta Please its a trap admiral ackbar DIY - 8152381952
Via Geeks Are Sexy

If You Can't Grow a Beard, Why Not Try This Knitted Helmet Combination?

beard hat Knitta Please - 8327481088
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Super Mario Crochet WIN

blanket crochet Knitta Please nerdgasm super mario video games - 6159338240
By fatspepper


awesome crochet Knitta Please knitting - 4798948096
By Unknown

The Perfect Quilt for a Power (Pellet) Nap

Knitta Please quilt nerdgasm pac man video games g rated win - 8321323776
Via Shannonagannery

D'awwww WIN

best of week Hall of Fame Knitta Please movies nerdgasm Shaun Of the dead zombie - 6583029504
By Unknown

Cross-Stitch WIN

Knitta Please christmas santa holidays - 6843587584
Via Neatorama

Inspiration Courtesy of Adventure Time

Knitta Please quotes inspirational funny - 7813039616
Via Etsy

Knit Caps WIN

Knitta Please fashion nerdgasm futurama cap hat g rated win - 6936635136
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Finally, the Stop Signs Are in Blooom

stop sign sign Knitta Please yarn yarn bombing g rated win - 8123311616
Via JBrad0322

Knit-craft Doctor Who WIN

doctor who Knitta Please knitting nerdgasm - 4815495680
By woffdaddy