A subtle knife. A simple instrument, but in a deft hand, a wonderful bladed implement. 

Mother Nature FTW: Deadly Assassin WIN

bird hawk knife mother nature ftw - 5001942272
By Unknown

GIF - Never Challenge a Crab to a Knife Fight

GIF of a crab wielding a knife with his claws like you might owe him some money.
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design knife bread Video g rated win - 71620097

This Nifty Knife Can Toast Bread While it Cuts!

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Kitchen Utensils WIN

best of week Hall of Fame kitchen knife sword utensil - 6530396672
By Unknown

A Sharply Placed Ad

toddler knife parenting tweet win - 8981729024
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Pocket Arsenal WIN

brass knuckles guns knife weapons - 4816118272
By h3xx
cool knife rocket science win - 84600065

Watch This Rocket Knife Absolutely Destroy This Toy Car — You Heard Correctly: Rocket Knife

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Hacked IRL: Yield, Or Else

creepy hacked irl knife sign - 5704269312
By mindovermatter92
design knife Video - 67522817

Just How Sharp Can These Knives Get?

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knife BAMF Video we got a badass over here win - 68482305

Knife-Chucks: Totally Impractical and Very Awesome

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cake knife wood DIY Video win - 73705729

Watch This Guy Make a Hexagonal Cake Knife From Scratch

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roomba knife Video - 62971905

Drunk Roomba Balloon Knife Fight? Drunk Roomba Balloon Knife Fight.

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A Knife, a Drill, and a Cucumber: It Goes Better Than Expected!

gif drill bad idea cucumber knife funny - 7670858752
By Unknown

Li Hongbo is Back With These Cool Carvings Made From Butcher Knives

art design knife neat nifty - 8405420544
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Deadly Predator WIN

animal BAMF bird g rated hawk knife win - 6209206272
By 4n4l5ex

Fruit Ninja WIN

gifs knife fruit - 6761625600
By Unknown
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