Disaster Averted!

keys elevator close call - 8222602752
By anselmbe

Kind Gesture WIN

good samaritan keys lost and found note sign - 5440255744
By Unknown

Don't Forget Your Divine Weapon!

keys super heroes Thor nerdgasm - 6953219584
By Unknown

Never Lose Your Keys Again!

clever keys pro tip life hacks - 8421309184
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Do Not Copy, on Pain of Jedi Duel

lightsaber design keys star wars g rated win - 8334256384
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Offering the Trade WIN

keys stealing store thief - 6095330304
By Unknown
keys FAIL cars Video robbery win - 77746945

When This Guy Noticed Someone Pull in and Rob a Convenience Store, He Foils Their Get-Away Plans

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Taking a Nap WIN

keys lizard nap - 6121021184
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