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Commuting to Work WIN

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Restricted Access WIN

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Listening to This Cover of the “Jurassic Park” Theme Song Will Make You Feel Things

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Two Best Friends Set a Record For Most Rides of the Jurassic Park Ride in 12 Hours

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Photo of the Day: Jeff Goldblum Recreates Jurassic Park in This Awesome Wedding Photo

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Follow This Guy to Amazing Sights and Almost Certain Death

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The Best Vehicle on the Freeway

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Guy Builds Mini Jurassic Park for His Tortoise, and the Final Product Is Wonderful

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Jurassic Fan WIN

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These New York Tourists Just Want to Find Jurassic Park

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Father, Daughter, and Friends Team Up to Make an Awesome LEGO Tribute to Jurassic Park

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What do They Have in There?

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Oh, Westworld Is Basically Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park Chase WIN

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Twitter Generously Offered Up Some Realistic Plot Lines For a Jurassic World Sequel #RealJurassicParkProblems

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Must. Go. Faster.

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