A collection of clever comebacks from spicy silvertongues | Mikey why are so sad? There's so much goodness world don't know Ava why do have asthma there's so much air world

Radical Retorts From Clever Wordsmiths

Always ready for a good old clever comeback.
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Graffiti Response WIN

clever graffiti insult response spelling - 5517179136
By graceface90
Savage Silencing Comebacks

There's No Road to Recovery From These 26 Savage, Silencing Comebacks

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Emily Ratajkowski Went for a Nude Horse Ride and Immediately Stomped on Piers Morgan

Via Emily Ratajkowski

Sick Burn WIN

burn car comeback douchebag parkers graffiti insult parking tag - 5423705600
By Unknown
Kickass Kid insult Video burn g rated win - 69310977

This Little Girl Has the Best Response to Being Called "Ugly" by a School Bully

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cooking clever insult food Video burn win - 69261825

Never, Ever Try to Mess With Italian Cuisine

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British comeback insult sassy Video - 26078721

Sassy WIN

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twitter list jennifer lawrence insult chris pratt Video - 1248261

Jennifer Lawerence and Chris Pratt Hurled Immature Insults at Each Other and Twitter Ate It Up

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Ride 'em, Cowboy

burn insult sports g rated win - 8421308928
Via SuperCub
wendys twitter

Wendy's Grills Unsatisfied Customer to Such an Extent, He Goes and Deletes His Twitter Account

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donald trump insult conan obrien Video - 78962177

Now You Can Have Random Donald Trump Insults At the Tip of Your Finger

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Canadian Graffiti Gets Real

Via zosobaggins
A collection of comebacks that were too clever for their own good | They think haircuts are un-American Well very observant them because aren't American, actually The Beatles | Boomers: Why are there holes jeans rip those yourself? Gen Z: Why are there holes ozone rip those yourself? Millennials: laughing Leo Dicaprio

Clever Comebacks That Deserve Gold Stars

Plain old nailed it.
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