Guy's Roommate Enforces Weird Rules, He Moves Out Mid-Lease

This guy asked folks on Reddit whether or not he was in the wrong for stranding his roommate with full rent, because he simply couldn't take any more of his roommate's strange rules. The gist of it is that his roommate's girlfriend moved in with them. Said girlfriend seems to have suffered some kind of trauma in the past, and can't stand being caught alone with the guy when her boyfriend isn't around. Considering the uniquely tough time that we're all living through, and how many folks are forced to be at home most of the time, this created quite the conundrum. So, most folks agreed the guy really didn't do anything wrong. 

Dad lies to his vegetarian wife about letting their kids eat meat | AITA moving out mid-lease and stranding my roommate with full rent after his girlfriend keeps accusing being "creepy So l've been living with my current roommate 2 years now actually subletting and l'm on my 2nd year which is month--month, but had an unofficial "verbal" agreement stay until end year mean 's pandemic didn't think move either. Anyways his gf moved beginning this year s been lot. She's obviously had some trauma
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