Light-Up Hoodie WIN

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Via Electric MVMT

Every Hoodie is a Feed Bag if You Know What You're Doing

hoodie Popcorn food g rated win - 8414090752
Via Bits and Pieces

Tanooki Suit WIN

costume nerdgasm hoodie Super Mario bros - 6678532608
Via 80sTees

Assassin's Creed Hoodie WIN

assassins creed clever fashion hoodie nerdgasm sweatshirt video game - 5419315712
Via Geekologie

Backpack Hoodie WIN

backpack bag design fashion hoodie - 6004565504
Via Hype Beast

The Brotherhood Requires This Hoodie

Magneto comic books x men nerdgasm hoodie superheroes - 7733266176
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Novelty Nostalgia Goods WIN

90s clothing fashion g rated Hall of Fame hoodie nerdgasm nostalgia sweatshirt win - 5742911744
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