Crafty WINs

craft DIY helmet knitting mittens nerdgasm Skyrim - 5493059072
Created by Unknown

Horse Armor WIN

armor BAMF dragon helmet horse - 6566385664
Via Obvious Winner
art exhibit helmet modification nerdgasm nerdy star wars Video - 25538049

Vader WIN

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Viking Fett WIN

boba fett costume custom DIY helmet nerdgasm star wars viking - 5327891712
Via I Heart Chaos
cool accessories product helmet design safety Video win - 82836481

This Children's Helmet is Rad and Would Actually Make Helmet Hair Cool

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Knit Knight WIN

helmet poorly dressed g rated Hall of Fame best of week - 6842660864
Created by Unknown

Safety WIN

biking helmet modification nerdgasm r2-d2 safety star wars - 5117520640
Created by Unknown

Wood Trooper WIN

design fashion helmet nerdgasm star wars stormtrooper - 5190485504
Created by sixonefive72

Stained Glass WIN

helmet master chief nerdgasm video games - 6994531584
Via Obvious Winner

Lego Racer WIN

fashion helmet lego motorcycle - 5022265088
Created by dbryanw
daft punk DIY fashion helmet modification Music robot techno Video - 26097921

DIY Daft Punk WIN

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Helmet WIN

helmet design cycling hacked irl perspective funny - 7586739712
Created by Unknown

Knit Helmet WIN

beard cap helmet knit viking - 5587739904
Via Reddit

Helmet Collection WIN

closet clothing helmet nerdgasm - 4394427904
Created by Unknown

Bacon Skyrim WIN

bacon food fus ro dah gross helmet Skyrim - 5554268160
Created by xelopes

Going for a Ride WIN

car cute helmet motorcycle pets ride safety first - 6254828288
Created by Unknown
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