BAMF ice skating helicopter Video - 56824577

You've Probably Never Seen a Helicopter Ice Skate

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crazy flight helicopter invention Video - 40760321

Personal Helicopter WIN

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design helicopter science Video g rated win - 52345089

This Human-Powered Helicopter Scored its Engineers $250,000!

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Video science helicopter Quadrocopter - 42862593

Quadrocopter Catch WIN

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helicopter - 1710597

Footage of a Helicopter Blades Synced Up with Camera Frame Rate is Amazing

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helicopter physics RC remote controlled toy Video - 35369217

RC Helicopter Physics WIN

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That's a Plane Refueling a Helicopter That's Carrying a Humvee. Because AMERICA.

Via Foxtrot Alpha
helicopter illusion Video - 41072129

Shutter Speed Illusion WIN

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Helicopter Fan WIN

art decoration helicopter Office - 4447575296
By Unknown
crazy flight helicopter invention machine Video - 28606465

Multicopter WIN

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The Whirlybird Can't Fix Stupid

warning sign helicopter duh g rated win - 8296305664
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helicopter BAMF Video g rated win - 61532417

Only the Insane Would Think to Trim Trees With a Helicopter

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helicopter dangerous Video win - 58611969

This Helicopter Tango Shows They Just Don't Make Entertainment Like This Anymore

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Hacked IRL: Ceiling-copter

clever decoration hacked irl helicopter plane - 6070318592
Via Reddit

Ceiling Fan WIN

design helicopter - 7377531904
Via Geekologie

Perfect Timing WIN

timing helicopter funny photogrpahy - 7683684608
By Unknown
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