Harry Potter

Even Monks Want to Get in on Some Quidditch

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Hogwarts Playground WIN

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Standing out at a movie premiere WIN

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So That's Why He Started Wearing Those Campaign Hats

funny social media donald trump's horcruxes
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On Sale WIN

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Badly Explained Movie Plots That Are Technically True

Spoilers that aren't really spoilers
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J.K. Rowling Finally Puts to Bed Why Harry Named His Kid After Snape

harry potter tweets J.K. Rowling Puts to Bed Why Harry Named His Kid After Snape
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Teacher Welcomes Back Students With Harry Potter Themed Classroom

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Add a Tip, Learn Some Ice (Cream) Magic

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Harry Potter Quilt WIN

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Hacked IRL: Turns Out They're Related

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Everybody Loves Quidditch!

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Matchstick Hogwarts WIN

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"Expelliarmus" Takes on a Whole New Meaning

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Harry Potter Reference Answer WIN

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Halloween Mashup WIN

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