Giant Panda Cub Gets Named And Its A True 'Little Miracle'

We've an update about one of the most positive stories to come out of 2020, and the update is just as wholesome as the original story. The (tiny) giant panda cub that was born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo three weeks ago has finally gotten a name, and it is the most appropriate and cutest name of all. Xiao Qi Ji is his name in Chinese, but it translates to 'little miracle' in English. 

The little giant panda has gone absolutely viral in the past couple of weeks after a video of his miraculous birth was released by the zoo, and since the world fell in love with the cub, the zoo decided to let the world participate in naming him. Of course, the internet does not disappoint when it comes to baby animals. 

We were given a choice of 4 names, and after three weeks and nearly 135,000 votes that have been cast, the adorable name 'little miracle' was chosen. The long waiting period was not an accident, it is part of Chinese tradition to wait 100 days before naming the cub. We wish the little cub luck and prosperity, and for his mother, Mei Xiang, to have many more adorable healthy cubs in the future!

Story via The Associated Press.

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