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BAMF of the Day: This Crossfit Routine is a Cut Above the Rest

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Fitness WIN

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Because Pull-Ups With Your Hands Would be Just too Easy

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The World is Your Gym in This Workout Video

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The Rare and Short Joy of the Beginner Pokémon Trainer

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Fitness Warrior Krystal Cantu Lost Her Arm in an Accident, and Within a Month Was Already Back at Crossfit

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The Best Way to Shame a Gym Bro

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And They Say Curls Get the Girls, Pfft

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So What's Your Excuse for Not Going to the Gym?

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Come on, No Need to Show Off

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This Badass Managed to Hold a Plank Position for Over FIVE HOURS

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Scale Perspective WIN

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Blunt Advertising WIN

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This Workout is a Breeze

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Suddenly Your Workout Routine Seems a Little Less Badass

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A Look at a Gym Through the Lens of a Nature Documentary Will Make You Skip Your Workout

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