Challenge Accepted WIN

book book store Challenge Accepted fap gross - 5654106112
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gross buzzfeed snacks food Video - 84485633

People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations and It Goes About As Well As You Expect

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Pee Differently

gross puns - 8217217280
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Someone's About to Have a Very Unpleasant Cup of Tea

gross revenge prank g rated win - 8263291648
Via Scolgan
syrup chug bro gross Video - 73648129

Ready to Feel Like You’ve Accomplished Nothing Today? Watch This Guy Chug a Bottle of Pancake Syrup

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Snow For Sale WIN

for sale gross signs snow winter - 4412524544

This Pizza is Getting a Little too Meta for Me


Hacked IRL: The Infinite Flow

bathroom gross hacked penis signs - 4391937024
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baby FAIL gross parenting - 80986881

And That's Why You Don't Play with Babies Right After Feeding Them

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Correct Reaction WIN

reaction fifty shades of grey gross public transportation best of week Hall of Fame - 6676102400
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Lunchbox WIN

clever design g rated gross prank win - 5655006464
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"Expelliarmus" Takes on a Whole New Meaning

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What Has Been Seen Cannot be Un-Smelled

gross hacked irl Subway train - 8110717184
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candy how its made gross pig food Video - 82393089

If You're Looking to Give Up Eating Candy, Watching This "How it's Made" in Reverse Will Probably Help

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Halloween Cake WIN

brain cake creepy design food gross halloween heart tasty - 5369388800
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The Burger of Death

burger gross donut g rated win - 6998046976
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