Mother Nature FTW: Planter Runneth Over

grass mother nature ftw tree urban - 5069163008
Created by Unknown

Farm to Table WIN

design food grass table - 5590941696
Via Architizer

Hacked IRL: Lawn Maintance WIN

clever grass lawn p33n revenge - 4845875968
Created by prscott933

Grass Sandal WIN

design fashion grass shoes weird - 5710727168
Created by Unknown

Outdoor Bedroom WIN

bedroom design grass outdoor - 4892264192
Created by Unknown

Anti-Sign WIN

clever grass notice park play sign - 5969000448
Created by Unknown

Giant Clothespin WIN

art earth grass installation park sculpture - 5196441344
Via Flavorwire

Hacked IRL: Happy Trail

art clever graffiti grass hacked irl lady bits Street Art - 5573971712
Created by Unknown

Hacked IRL: All Around the World

grass hacked irl world - 4950237952
Created by gruntingfrog