Venn Pie WIN

baking cooking dessert graph math nerdgasm nerdy pie venn diagram - 5306489856
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Cartoon Color Wheel WIN

cartoons graph - 5038537472
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Movie Notice WIN

graph life lessons movies paper sex text - 4554603008
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Line Drawing WIN

clever design drawing graph line nerdgasm - 5884147968
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Tip Amount WIN

customer service graph money restaurant tipping - 4692798976
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Hacked IRL: The Subway of Your Soul

Chart diagram graph hacked irl Street Art - 5653985024
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Trippy Room WIN

design graph illusion room trippy - 6432051200
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Villain Venn Diagram WIN

alien diagram graph horror monster robot venn diagram zombie - 5311824128
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Beard Measurement WIN

beard drawing facial hair graph wizard - 4717458432
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Beethoven Chart classical classical music graph Music Video - 26151681

5th Symphony WIN

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3D Math WIN

graph math model nerdgasm papercraft - 5091578112
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Density WIN

graph science school design best of week Hall of Fame - 6656789504
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Computer Carpet WIN

carpet computer design graph nerdgasm - 5095299072
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Wine WIN

alcohol Chemistry diagram drink glass graph nerdy wine - 5273847296
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