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Guys Are Drawing Dicks on Google Maps for the Best Reason Possible, and These Are Hilarious

The origins of this ridiculous little trend being funnily called, Go Balls Out, and started by Testicular Cancer New Zealand. The aim is simple and befitting enough: get runners to trace out a whole bunch of man-meat, using their GPS'. 

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batman v superman Bruce Wayne's Residence Is Available to Tour via Streetview on Google Maps
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Bruce Wayne's residence from Batman v Superman is available to explore on street view in Google maps.  It's a pretty cool house.  He's got a view, some obviously expensive furniture although, that's a lot of glass for a Superhero's protective fortress...

And what does he even do in there? Does this house even have a bathroom or is it all windows? It's not enough to just look around, if you walk in the right direction you'll discover this:

Via Google
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Google is celebrating April Fool’s Day a little early.

A new option on Google Maps lets you turn the world into a playable game of Pac-Man.

From the support page:

Welcome, Player 1! You can now play the classic arcade game PAC-MAN in Google Maps with streets as your maze. Avoid Blinky, Pinky, Inky, (and Clyde!) as you swerve the streets of some famous places around the world. But eat the pac-dots fast, because this game will only be around for a little while.

You can plan anywhere with enough streets by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, but Google also offers some clues to the best locations where a special Pac-Man marker has already been place.

  • Don’t drop the ball on the eve of your victory!
  • Triumph is délicieux.
  • Does a Galaxian bonus await at the top of those 272 steps?
  • Chomp your way to independence down seven lanes of July.
  • PAC-MAN and Ms. PAC-MAN can’t agree on which side is prettier: the American or the Canadian. Which side do you fall on, eh?
  • After a chat with the Sphinx, PAC-MAN sounds more like “Dokki Dokki”.
  • Pause game play to admire Chagall’s stained glass windows and have a bit of chocolate.
  • Can you score 10^(10^100) points?
  • Whether they’re flashing blue or sporting their natural colors, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are always kakkoii. Even Vogue agrees they’re living in the trendiest of neighborhoods.
  • Previous PAC-MAN lives don’t get to rest in a white marble mausoleum.
  • Head to the valley of the sun and earn your grade in the art of the game.
  • How well can you navigate the radiating streets of the distrito federal?
  • Victory is like gothic glockenspiel musik to our ears.
  • Pay special attention to Blinky – he might blend in with the dreaming red kangaroos!
  • You’ll find the Beach PAC-MAN World Cup here before long.

You can expect the entire Internet to be flooded with April Fool’s Day pranks like this on Wednesday.

It says the game will only be available for a limited time, but hopefully they decide to keep the Pac-Man hack as a permanent option.

It’s like the new movie “Pixels,” only in real life.

google maps bird house design - 7022893568
Via Inthralld
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These familiar Google Maps markers are hollowed out on the inside, making them excellent bird houses! Check out more pictures in the via link below!