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Distraction of the Day: You Can Now Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Via Google

Bat Symbol WIN

batman google maps g rated Hall of Fame oh Japan win - 5890981120
By nash101


football google google maps penis - 4189634816
By Unknown

Not-so-Hidden Message WIN

Brother Nature FTW building city google maps hello hidden message - 5091561472
By Unknown

Satellite Collection WIN

art gallery google maps satellite - 5081515008
Via Jenny Odell's Home Page

Getting Directions WIN

directions google maps Lord of the Rings mordor nerdgasm - 5451787520
By Unknown

Google Maps Gets All Nerdy and Lets You Plan a Trip by Dragon

google maps easter eggs nerdgasm google g rated win - 8210310400
Via Laughing Squid

Exposure of the Day: Australian Woman Flashes Google Street View Car

Via The Advertiser

Getting a Selfie With Google Maps

Via Acid Cow

Google Alert WIN

google google maps internet technology - 4567827712
By Jace
google google maps nerdgasm Video video games - 36257281

April Fools Google Maps WIN

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Party On, Google Maps WIN

90s google maps Photo pop culture saturday night live - 5247694592
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Google Maps

google maps hacked irl Street Art - 6154243072
Via Web Urbanist

Bird House WIN

google maps bird house design - 7022893568
Via Inthralld

Google Maps WIN

clever droids google google maps location star wars - 4746184704
By rockyrock7

Found Him WIN

batman google maps nerdgasm - 4266399488
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