Glass Walkway WIN

bridge cliff glass scary vertigo - 5424536320
By Unknown

Animal Coffee Table WIN

animals design furniture glass hippo table - 6161013504
By Unknown

Shot Glass WIN

design glass Hall of Fame memento mori skull - 5151615744
By meganeguard

Illusion WIN

design glass illusions Illusions Michael water - 4835321088
By sixonefive72

Fish Tank WIN

aquarium design fish fish bowl fish tank glass pet pets - 5203648256
By Unknown

Vortex WIN

bottle glass nifty science - 5873459200
By Unknown

Do Not Punch WIN

basketball fire extinguisher glass injury sports whoops - 6185032448
By Unknown
glass Video Stupid Human Tricks - 71598849

Mom is Way too Cool About Her Son's Glass-Shattering Abilities

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Glass Home WIN

architecture building design Forest glass house snow winter - 5355740672

Glass Shell WIN!

art awesome glass Hall of Fame shell - 4860835584
By nomzcupcakes

Pop Culture Glass WIN

art gallery glass pop culture stained glass star wars transformers video games - 5117917184
Via B & B Glassworks

Camera Book Ends WIN

bookend camera design glass - 6537548544
Via Fotodiox

Windows and Reflections WIN

awesome design glass rainbows water windows - 4846857216
By Unknown

Architecture WIN

architecture building design glass hole tube - 5332312576
By Unknown
BAMF demonstration design glass safety Video - 40575745

Invincible Glass? WIN

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Glass Sculpture WIN

art sculpture design glass - 7048114944
Via Marta Klonowska
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