Mother Nature FTW: Giant Ancient Turtle

animals giant mother nature ftw the beach - 4908722176
By sixonefive72

Biggest Paper Crane WIN

giant - 4777108224
By sixonefive72

Lego Robo WIN

giant lego mall nerdgasm robot toy - 5073324288
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Sleeping Giant

giant graffiti hacked irl Street Art - 6488956416
Via Inthralld
sports giant basketball Video win - 62993665

At 13 Years Old, Robert Bobroczky is Already Taller Than the Entire NBA

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Mother Nature FTW: Giant Saguaro WIN

giant mother nature ftw plants - 4914796544
By Unknown

Perspective WIN

clever field giant perspective photography - 5796718080
By Guilherme.didi

Mother Nature FTW: Lake Placid WIN

boat crocodile giant mother nature ftw - 4969189120
By christellar (Via

Giant Treehouse WIN

awesome deisgn giant house nature treehouse trees - 4853573888
By sixonefive72
giant robots Video - 72480769

Japan Accepts USA's Challenge to a Giant Robot Duel

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An Accidental Perspective Shot Makes This Man Look Like a GIANT

photography giant perspective - 8006184704
Via Reddit

Comment WIN!

clever comment crossbow giant tiny youtube - 6402381312
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Giant Box Man WIN

box giant hacked irl robot sculpture - 4963031296
By geha714

Japan's Latest Photo Trend: Making Giants!

photography giant perspective illusion oh Japan - 7460426752
Via Laughing Squid

Giant Breakfast WIN

art breakfast cereal giant team breakfast food - 4845817088
By sixonefive72
candy recipe giant DIY food Video - 83127041

Put On Your Sweatpants Now, Here's How To Make (and Eat) a 4-Pound Twix Bar

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