Perfect for the Bookworm in All of Us

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Meet Tim Doner, the American Teen Who Can Speak 20 Languages

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One Irish Bar's Solution to Bathroom Graffiti is Equal Parts Clever and Fun

win image irish bar solves bathroom graffiti solution with child's toy
Via Salt House

Brilliant Disguise WIN

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This Adorably-Evil Sister Has a Plan to Do What All Older Siblings Have Thought of Doing to Their Siblings Before

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Genius Teenager Sneaks Into VIP Section at Concert By Editing Band's Wikipedia Page

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Wacky Wavy Cosplay WIN

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Just Flip it!

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The Only Explanation for This "Wheel of Fortune" Run is That She Can Read Pat Sajak's Mind

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Genius Plan WIN

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BAMF language genius Video - 64621825

Here's an Average Guy Explaining His Language Love. In Nine Languages.

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This is a New Evolution in Sandwich Design

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Via Tastefully Offensive
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This Guy Built a Mini NES with Working Cartridges

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The Most Satisfying Calendar You'll Ever Have

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Created by anselmbe

Ingenious Bowl Design

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Created by Unknown
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