Garbage. Such an incredibly descriptive word from physical trash to describing a person. Sometimes garbage just sums up what we can't say or express ourselves. So pick up the trash and find some more with everything to do with garbage, in all forms.

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This Two-Year-Old is About to Have a Very Special Day With His Favorite Recycling Man

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Waste Disposal WIN

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Fast Food Engineering WIN

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Some Sanitation Workers Enjoy a Foosball Table That Clearly Needs a New Home

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Hacked IRL: Recycling the Undead

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crazy things garbage men found on the job

Garbage Men Share the Craziest, Occasionally Amazing Things They've Found in the Trash

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Hacked IRL: Monkey Business

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Is That a New Single Falling Out the Back?

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Plastic Bag Monster WIN

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We All Do WIN

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Never Anger the Ones With Power Over the Dumpsters

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