Spheres WIN

art collection gallery repurposed sculpture - 5099447808

"Cube"-ism WIN

art digital gallery pixel sculpture - 5077627904
Via Shawn Smith Art

Lumber WIN

art gallery log tree - 5095206912
Created by sixonefive72

3D Street Art WIN

3d art detail gallery graffiti Street Art - 5270599680
Via Flavorwire

Drip Painting WIN

art Brother Nature FTW gallery landscape paint painting - 5416439808
Via My Modern Met

Tiny Origami WIN

art collection gallery origami small tiny - 5091510016
Via Anja Markiewicz's Flickr

Papercraft WIN

art gallery Owl paper papercraft sculpture - 5126558464
Via Dudecraft

Balloons WIN

Balloons gallery inflatable sculpture - 5103399424
Via Environmental Graffiti

Satellite Collection WIN

art gallery google maps satellite - 5081515008
Via Jenny Odell's Home Page

Conspiracy Models WIN

Conspiracy Theory gallery model plastic toy - 5130657536
Via Laughing Squid

Art Gallery WIN

art gallery The Scream - 5024533760
Via Mike Guppy's Homepage

Map Art WIN

art cartography gallery hacked Maps modified - 5092205824
Via Core 77

Pop Culture Glass WIN

art gallery glass pop culture stained glass star wars transformers video games - 5117917184
Via B & B Glassworks

Underwater Art Gallery WIN

art exhibit gallery ocean scuba underwater - 5202998016
Via Dudecraft

Silmarillion Manuscript WIN

art book gallery Hall of Fame Lord of the Rings nerdgasm - 5145737728
Via Neatorama