The Insane Street Art of Mr. Thoms

Street Art design graffiti hacked irl tunnel funny - 7817908480
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Spider-Dive WIN

BAMF funny super heroes skydiving - 7908549632
choir funny Video g rated win - 55495169

This Old Icelandic Hymn in a Train Station Will Give You Chills

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43 Funny & Random Internet Gems

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These Flips Are Even Cooler in Slow-Mo

skateboarding gif sports BAMF funny - 7733278976
commercial pets cars driving funny Video g rated win - 54665473

This is What Happens When You Let a Hamster Drive Your Truck

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Kirby Jenner Is Kendall Jenner's Epic Fake Fraternal Instagram Twin

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Kickass Kids funny Video win g  rated - 56154881

This Ten-Year-Old Has a Special Talent That You Won't See Coming

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Perfect Resemblance

pumpkins halloween TLL funny - 7830448640
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This Redditor Started Making Stained Glass as Therapy, and the Results Are Astounding (and Geeky!)

funny nerdgasm video games mega man stained glass - 7910223104
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rube goldberg machine ice cubes funny Video - 51557121

Having Fun With Ice

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Ya Wicked Smart if Ya Do!

funny sign wtf - 8180161792
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Anybody Fancy a Lift?

scotland Travel knight funny vacation g rated win - 7652438016

Can We Enforce These Pool Rules Everywhere?

rules sign pool funny - 7769561856
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pro tip life hacks watermelon DIY funny Video - 54375937

Making a Watermelon Smoothie in Seconds

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Funny Craigslist post seeks out generic father figure for BBQ event.

Epic Craigslist Post Seeks Out Generic Father Figure For Backyard BBQ

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