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Good Guy Amazon WIN

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By Cleveland

This Scotsman Received a "Ginger Discount Card" as a Joke, but Now It's Working

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Via The Scotsman

Everything Must Go!

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By Unknown

Ice Cream Party WIN

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Via Reddit

They Were Told They Could Get as Much FroYo That You Could Fit into a Cup for $5. This Was the Result.

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Via roselatte

Random Acts of Gift-Giving WIN

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Via Reddit

Someone Got Off Easy...

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Via kneehal
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Here's What it Looks Like When Millions of Dollars Fall Off the Back of a Truck in Hong Kong

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Miracle Shot WIN

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Free Stuff WIN

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By Unknown

These Puns Are Total Ripoffs

Via Joanne Casey

Hacked IRL: Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?

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By Unknown

Somehow I Don't Think People Are Being Inconvenienced Here

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Via eddg

All Hail the Lord of Tickets!

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Via downvoteoner

Free Stuff WIN

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Via Reddit

Free Telescope WIN

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Via Bits and Pieces
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