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Ever Wanted to Buy a Ukrainian Bomber?

for sale airplane ebay g rated win - 8101370880
Created by ichc.chrispeeler ( Via Metro )

Everything About This Home for Rent in Oxford is Normal, Except the Shark Sticking Out of the Roof

design for sale hacked irl - 8380259072
Via Metro

Please Purchase the Fridge of Wonders

Via Acid Cow

We're On to Your Spectral Schemes

Via Acid Cow

One Canadian's Year-Long Workout Plan

for sale free stuff workout - 8081263104
Created by Unknown


cops for sale police - 4175446784
Created by End User Support Team, Ryder

Free Dog WIN

for sale sign - 4917405440
Created by sixonefive72

If This Craigslist Ad Can't Sell a Chevy Cavalier, Nothing Will

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Decor WIN

design for sale decoration portrait home - 7027428864
Created by Unknown

Lowering Your Expectations in New Jersey

Via SteveyFunFace

Have Some Extra Cash Lying Round? Why Not a Fully-Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table?

design nerdgasm for sale nintendo g rated win - 8387098368
Via MillerWoodshop

It's Not a Colorful Bug, It's a Rainbow Feature!

craigslist for sale pretty colors rainbow printer g rated win - 8486897920
Created by punkcoder

It's Never too Late to Find the Perfect Gift

craigslist for sale free stuff lava g rated win - 8414095360
Via Brown Cardigan

The Only Honest Craigslist Sale for an Old Ford Escape

Via Craigslist

This French Santa Claus-Looking Gent Wants to Sell You a Pill to Make Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate

for sale what fart - 8391346432
Via The Local
for sale flamethrower - 73912833

You Can Own Your Own Handheld Flamethrower!

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