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Just a Casual Face-To-Face Meeting With a Black Bear, NBD

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This Kid Just Beat the Living Tar Out of a Hungry Alligator

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How the Heck Did This Florida Man Land a Fish This Huge?

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Welcome to the RNC WIN

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Unbreakable of the Day: Florida Man Survives Crash that Split Car in Half

Crash split car in half and man survives with no life threatening injuries.
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Inspiring Video Honors Pulse Victims and Aims to Heal Orlando Through the Power of Dance

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This Little Wide Receiver's Touchdown is a Better Highlight Than Anything This Season in the NFL

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This Straightfoward Football Question is Exactly Why the Local News in Florida Should Be Considered as Entertainment

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Relaxation is a Manatee Cuddle Party

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Two Brothers Save a Hammerhead Shark By Dragging It On Shore and Pulling a Hook Out of Its Mouth

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Finally, a Diver Found Something Not-Horrifing off the Florida Coast

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The Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida Just Banned Donald Trump From Entering the City Over Twitter

social media win mayor bans Donald Trump from florida city after Trump's remarks
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Turning the Table on the Robbers WIN

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