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Working Robotic Fish

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Forget Fish Ladders, We're All About the Salmon Cannon Now

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Watcha Doin'?

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Plastic Bottle Fish WIN

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Catching a Stingray and Having It Give Birth in Your Boat Is Good Luck Right?

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This Fish Has a Nicer Bathroom Than I Do

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This Cool Pond Bubble Allows Fish to Get a Closer Look at the World Outside!

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Aquarium Waterslide WIN

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View of the Fish WIN

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By the Tail WIN

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Aquarium Sign WIN

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Cool Tech of the Day: Fish on Wheels Gives Fish the Ability to Travel on Land

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3D Fish Painting WIN

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Can You Spot the Fish Here?

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As a Part of a Lake Repopulation Plan, These Fish Are Going to Become Birds for a Second. Just Watch.

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