Dad Goes Viral For Picture of Him Sleeping Underneath the Hospital Crib of His Baby Boy

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In Honor of Veteran's Day, Listen to These Powerful Stories From Those in the Armed Services

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People on the Internet Refuse to Let This Girl Have Another Lonely Birthday

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Bring the Tissues, Then Watch This Disabled Baseball Fan Get the Chance of a Lifetime

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Believe it or Not, Everything Here is Ten Years Old

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Mom Passes Along Her Son's Record Collection with a Touching Tribute

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Only the Brits Could be This Humorous and This Sad at the Same Time

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Bride Surprises Terminally Ill Groom by Shaving Her Head at Wedding in Liverpool

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This Guy Married His Best Friend In the Hospital After Doctors Gave Him One Week to Live

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This Little Girl Gets a Voicemail From Kristen Bell That Will Warm Your Heart

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Ad of the Day: Mop Dog Finds a Friend in New Dr. Pepper Commercial

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Bride Relearns the Ability to Walk for Her Wedding and My Feels Box Is Activated

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For His Wedding, This Dude Used LEGOs to Tell the Story of How He Met the Love of His Life

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A Heartwarming Look at a Man Reuniting With His Wife's Voice

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You Haven't Seen a Big Brother Like This Ever

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A Grieving Father Asked Redditors to Photoshop a Picture of His Late Baby Daughter Without Any Tubes. The Response Was Heartwarming.

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