Mario Belt WIN

fashion nerdgasm Super Mario bros belt - 6926138112
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random act of kindness fashion design beauty win - 56994049

These Mannequins Challenge Our Sense of What is Beautiful

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Toy Story WIN

fashion nike pop culture shoes toy story - 5117818880
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fashion design sword Video g  rated win - 65944833

Meet the Vietnam Hair Stylist Who Cuts Hair With a Sword

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Absorbent and Yellow and Fashionable is He!

hair fashion SpongeBob SquarePants - 8749713152
Created by EFFI-EFFI

These Pants Look Like They Came Straight From a Saturday Morning Cartoon

fashion cartoons design jeans - 8491581952
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fashion life hacks Video win - 82321921

If Your Shirt Doesn't Quite Fit, Here are 5 Hacks to Make it Work (Better)

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Quadstache WIN

BAMF beard fashion mustache style - 5981309952
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The Thesaurus Dress Will Improve Your Lexicon

fashion design nerdgasm dress funny - 7694354176
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Backpack Hoodie WIN

backpack bag design fashion hoodie - 6004565504
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Ad Placement WIN

beard clever comment fashion hat youtube - 6268427776
Created by Hardeep
shoes fashion design Video - 69627137

Orphe Light-Up Shoes Are Like LA Lights for Rad Adults

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Like WIN

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Created by Unknown

This Mom Had a Most Excellent Amazon Review for a Skimpy Girl's Top

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fashion juggling hat Video g rated win - 63938049

He's a Man of Many Hats, and He's Juggling Them All

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Hobbit Feet WIN

fashion socks nerdgasm The Hobbit g rated win Hall of Fame best of week - 6818955008
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