Anti-Theft WIN

anti-theft backpack clever clothes clothing fashion tag theft thief - 5655005440
By Unknown

Hobbit Feet WIN

fashion socks nerdgasm The Hobbit g rated win Hall of Fame best of week - 6818955008
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Knit Caps WIN

Knitta Please fashion nerdgasm futurama cap hat g rated win - 6936635136
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Cartoon Bag WIN

bag cartoons design fashion illusion - 5751342336

After Reading Tweets Shaming Plus-Sized Fashion Choices, This Woman Pushed Back With Selfies

win twitter image woman pushes back on body shaming tweets against plus sized fashion haters
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Backpack Hoodie WIN

backpack bag design fashion hoodie - 6004565504
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Assassin's Creed Hoodie WIN

assassins creed clever fashion hoodie nerdgasm sweatshirt video game - 5419315712
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Chuck Flower WIN

design fashion pretty colors shoes - 5783235584
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Both Prince AND Princess

makeup fashion disney The Little Mermaid funny - 7802534144
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Thanks For the Reminder, Tag

fashion clothing tag g rated win - 7643596544
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Hijarbie on Instagram Makes the Case for Glamorous, Modest Doll Fashion

barbie realistic fashion Hijarbie on Instagram Makes the Case for Glamorous, Modest Doll Fashion
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Cool Dudes WIN

Deal With It dogs fashion g rated pets sunglasses win - 5802229760
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Bath Robes WIN

design fashion g rated Hall of Fame lazy nerdgasm star wars win - 5522356992
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Makes Sense WIN

clever clothing fashion laundry simple tag wash - 5381208064
By alleycatau
fashion lego Jewelry ring - 55802369

LEGO Innovation of the Day: LEGO Brick Ring

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Instructions WIN

fashion instructions clothing tag - 7401182208
By Unknown