Hacked IRL: Back, Fiend!

Battle decay dragon fantasy graffiti hacked irl wizard - 5251692800
By Unknown

Cake of Thrones WIN

cake fantasy food Game of Thrones nerdgasm swords - 5444042752
Via That's Nerdalicious

Chocolate Sculpture WIN

art chocolate fantasy gollum Lord of the Rings pop culture sculpture - 5436470528
Via Ology

Restaurant Design WIN

architecture design fantasy Lord of the Rings restaurant weird - 5922147072
Via The Chez Olga
bricks fantasy Game of Thrones lego nerdgasm television Video - 37487617

Game of LEGO WIN

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Transportation System WIN

awesome at work business name fantasy unicorn wtf - 4580619776
By adetastres

True Believer WIN

batman bumper sticker fantasy truck - 5670777344
By oreos_mom

Pop Culture Fantasy Map WIN

cartography fantasy Hall of Fame literature map pop culture television video games - 5308120576
Via Dan Meth