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By lolkell

Emergency Stash WIN

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911 emergency Video g rated win - 56678401

This 5-Year-Old Made the Cutest AND Most Heroic 911 Call at the Same Time

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Detection Kit WIN

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CLASSIC: Emergency WIN

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Hacked IRL: Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?

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When a Man Suffered a Heart Attack, Paramedics Helped Him Out in More Ways Than One

Via Greenfield Firefighters

Cabin Evacuation WIN

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Law of the Jungle WIN

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Does Your Home Have an Emergency Stone?

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Hacked IRL: Dance Emergency

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Job Security WIN

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Ever Imagined What Would Happen If A Dog Called 911? This Guy Did...

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

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Via silly6381

Dr. Hops, OR, STAT!

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Finals Week Fuel WIN

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