Creepy Elephant WIN

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Elephant Leg WIN

cast cute elephant leg prosthetic zoo - 6022122752
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sports elephant soccer football Video - 46346497

Elephant Soccer WIN

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International Elephant Day - A day celebrating the elephants and the importance of conservation along with the dangers their species faces

International Elephant Recognition Day is Here!

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Hacked IRL: Hipster Elephant

elephant glasses hacked hipster - 4589026560
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Probably a Bad Idea WIN

animals bad idea elephant mother nature ftw whee - 6277328896
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elephant piano Music Video g rated win - 61114881

A Little Piano Duet With a Very Special Guest

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animals elephant nbd pool Video - 40249345

Crashing Your Party WIN

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Getting a Drink WIN

animals drink elephant hot tub pool - 6005206784
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May the Trunked One Enfold Us All!

tattoo WIN elephant design tattoos - 8130380800
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Thanks for the Catch, Elephant Friend!

animals elephant gifs failbook g rated - 8258789376
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If You're in Nantes, France, Say Hi to the Mechanical Elephant for Us

elephant design puppets france funny - 7677885440
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Mind if I Squeeze in Here?

Street Art elephant hacked irl - 8174914048
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elephant Video animals g rated win - 61038849

A Florida Woman Was Able to Clear a 60th Birthday Beach Party... for Her Elephant

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Swagger in the '90s

swag elephant zoo 90s animals - 6938277632
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Robotic Elephant WIN

crazy elephant huge robot transportation - 5888480256
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