Self-Explanatory WIN

duh grave literal tombstone - 5593948160
By Honorable_Web_User

True Fact WIN

duh sign true facts - 5903560448
By Unknown

Checking Gender WIN

WIN on Yahoo Answers when someone asks how to check the gender of their Cockatoo
By Unknown

Way to Jinx it WIN

chalk chalkboard duh irony rain sign - 5702867712
Via birdslikeme

Unimpressed WIN

bumper sticker clever duh reading - 6451560192
By Unknown

Completely Relevant News: Can We Get the Poll Numbers on That?

completely relevant news duh news newspaper survey true facts win-g-rated - 5701896192
By Unknown

Correct, Next Question!

cars duh truck license plate funny - 7435877632
By Unknown

Pizza Box Design WIN

box clever design duh food pizza - 5854668800
Via Neatorama

The Whirlybird Can't Fix Stupid

warning sign helicopter duh g rated win - 8296305664
Via Whyareweshouting

Adapter WIN

convenient duh handy nice - 6498028800
Via The Awesomer